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Updated: Feb 10

Written by Marine Gun Builder

February 9, 2024

Well my fellow Freedom Building Loving brothers and sisters it looks like we are going to the big dance. It is officially official the Biden Administration, after taking multiple spankings by the Federal Court, has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear Vanderstock V. Garland. As always I will skip the legal mumbo jumbo and get right to what this means for our beloved build community using everyday language.

The SCOTUS previously granted a "stay" pending the governments appeal after losing the federal case. This "stay" meant that even though the DOJ was handed a resounding get the fuck outta here sandwich by the federal court, they (proper pronoun use), the BATFE would still be able to enforce the new made up definitions of a firearm while the case was pending an appeal. The terms of the "stay" stipulated the government could petition SCOTUS to hear the case if they lost the appeal. Surprise surprise they lost the appeal and have now requested the case be heard before the justices.

In my non-legal view, there are 3 possible outcomes (maybe a 4th) I see moving forward.

Outcome #1

This would be the most immediate outcome. The SCOTUS can simply decide not to take on the Vanderstock V. Garland case thereby defaulting back to the Federal court's judgement of GTFOH. This would mean the rule is dead, however our fellow Patriots in oppressive states with bans would still be unable to exercise their rights lawfully.

Outcome #2

The SCOTUS accepts the case and decides in the Biden Admin's favor that they, the BATFE, had/has the appropriate power to expand the definition of a firearm. Obviously, this would be the nail in the coffin for our Country way beyond the 2nd Amendment. Any bureaucratic agency at the behest of their controllers could write and implement a "new" definition for just about anything. For example, the First Amendment, a new definition of Free Speech is created that states not using proper preferred pronouns is a hate crime punishable by 10 years in jail or any "Speech" that is deemed as misinformation by the executive branch is a felony. With this outcome, tick tock, best be stacking up folks.

Outcome #3

The SCOTUS accepts the case and decides the Constitution was indeed written to prevent an overreaching government from imposing their will on free people. This would restore and affirm our right to build freedom, but more importantly give us the people the power to go back and address the long history of injustices perpetuated by the BATFE onto our fellow citizens. They, the BATFE have imprisoned tens of thousands of law abiding citizens with made up interpretations and improper power grabs. With this outcome, we have the opportunity to right some egregious wrongs and start repairing decades of abuse by this agency.

Outcome #4 (Possible)

Most SCOTUS cases are decided 9-0. As an advocate of Freedom, I believe this will be decided overwhelmingly by the justices in a 9-0 opinion against the Biden admin DOJ. If the executive branch can write a rule and impose imprisonment at will, then there is no valid reason to have a legislative branch. Additionally, there would be no need for the SCOTUS or Judiciary branch as a whole. This is not a 2nd amendment case in my view. Rather, it is the entire framework on the division of powers granted by the people and entrusted to the 3 branches of government to respect and follow. Having a single rogue executive branch impose a terribly flawed agenda on millions of citizens while snubbing other branches undermines the constitution and the protections it applies to assure we stay a nation of free people.

I suspect the government will focus everything on scare tactics summarizing that the justices must rule in their favor because "ghost guns" have to be stopped. Yawns. Same people who left $7 Billion in machine guns, tanks, weapons systems with terrorists who hate America. Now, their concern is do it yourself at home "pistol kits" What a joke and immense waste of time. It's unreal to me that this beloved freedom hobby of ours has made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Anyway, this outcome always has the possibility to be a split decision. I believe anything but a firm check to the executive branch powers would be a disastrous mistake by SCOTUS and set in motion the undoing of their own role as the supreme law of the land. Any justices affirming that the executive branch has new found authorities to expand will be empowering future administrations and their alphabet agencies to be bold and implement other unchecked power grabs. The decision, in my opinion, needs to be a resounding "know your role" to the executive branch.

Stay tuned - Build Freedom - MGB

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I hope the decision is to make freedom safe and fun again. MGB did more for the safety of our community with first time build quality than any other firearms related group I can imagine. I miss assembling parts with you guys. This one is no P80 but it's getting put together tonight in appreciation of everything you do. Keep it up Freedom Lovers.


Mar 16

Did the DEI Supreme Court Justice that didn't know what a woman was just reveal that Chevron Deference has been overturned by the Supreme Court? Ketanji Brown Jackson either revealed it, or is quite stupid.

The Chevron ruling should be coming out pretty soon. Watch here. I attempted to cue it up to the correct time, but if it doesn't cue up correctly, scroll to the 3:00 minute mark in the video.

And as a side note, I do believe the P80 case just had reply briefs submitted to the AFT's appeal to the Supreme Court. One would think that if Chevron is tossed, they will also look at tossing the P80 case.


Tec Money
Tec Money
Feb 14

Nice breakdown, great work as always🫡✊🏾💪🏾💯


Feb 10

Thanks for the post and update MGB! 😀 I just brought this topic up this week wondering what the status was and they must have just asked for Certiorari.


Thank You MGB for breaking it down into laymans terms much appreciated

Replying to

Thank you OG freedom builder. We will prevail my friend 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

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