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Live Glock Builds in 2025 Watch Now

Marine Gun Builder joins the DLD After Dark Live Show to talk Glock Building in 2025. A must watch interview for all Glock build enthusiasts, especially those looking for technological advancements & techniques dropping in 2025. MGB talks budget building, cost saving strategies, the state of polymer 80 Glock builds, and how the recent SCOTUS decisions are likely to influence the upcoming frame & receiver case. This is a stream you don't want to miss!!

Whether you are a seasoned Glock builder or a beginner looking to start your first build, MGB and DLD provide invaluable insights and practical advice to help you perfect the Freedom building craft.

It is going to be an exciting year ahead for all DIY custom build junkies!!!

Are you a member of the University? If not, join your fellow freedom loving patriots and begin the journey of Gun Building, Gunsmithing, and Armoring!!

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