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How to Disassemble a Glock Slide: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maintaining the slide of your Glock is essential to assuring durability and long term dependable operation. Being able to remove the slide correctly is a necessary skill for cleaning, checking for wear, upgrading parts, and inspecting for safety. You will be able to securely and effectively disassemble a Glock slide by following this step-by-step guide.

Why Disassemble the Glock Slide?

Disassembling the Glock slide allows you to:

  • Clean internal components thoroughly

  • Inspect for wear and damage

  • Replace worn or damaged parts

  • Perform upgrades and modifications

Safety First

Before you begin, always prioritize safety. Ensure you are in a safe environment and follow these preliminary steps:

Unload Your Glock:

  • Point the firearm in a safe direction.

  • Remove the magazine by pressing the magazine release button.

  • Pull back the slide to eject any chambered round.

  • Visually and physically inspect the chamber to confirm it is empty.

Clear the Work Area:

  • Ensure your work area is clean and free of distractions.

  • Have all necessary tools and cleaning supplies on hand.

  • Remove all ammunition from the work area

Steps to Disassemble a Glock Slide

Follow these steps to disassemble your Glock slide safely:

Field Strip Your Glock:

  • Begin by field stripping your Glock. Follow the steps outlined in our previous guide on field stripping a Glock to remove the slide from the frame.

Remove the Recoil Spring Assembly:

  • Once the slide is separated from the frame, turn it upside down. Gently compress the recoil spring assembly by pushing it forward and lift it out of the slide.

Remove the Barrel:

  • Push the Barrel forward and Lift the barrel slightly to pull it out of the slide.

Remove the Backplate:

  • Orient the Slide Vertical with the rear facing upwards. Ensure the front is on a non marring surface.

  • Place your non-dominant thumb on the back plate.

  • Using a Glock tool or small punch, place the tool tip between the spacer sleeve and firing pin.

  • Use the leverage of the tool to slight press down on the spacer sleeve to relieve pressure on the backplate.

  • With the pressure released, use your thumb to push the backplate forward and off.

Remove the Firing Pin Assembly:

  • Remove the firing pin assembly and extractor plunger from the slide.

Remove the Extractor:

  • With the firing pin assembly and extractor plunger removed, the extractor can now be taken out. Press down on the firing pin safety. While pressing it down, turn the slide and let gravity do its job. A light shake or tap always does the trick.

Remove the Firing Pin Safety and Spring:

  • Flip the slide and the firing pin safety and spring will fall out.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Cleaning: Disassemble and clean your Glock slide after each use or at least once a month if not in use.

  • Lubrication: Apply a light coat of lubricant to the key friction points, including the firing pin assembly and extractor.

  • Inspection: Regularly inspect for signs of wear, cracks, or damage. Replace any worn or damaged parts immediately.


Disassembling your Glock slide is a straightforward process that ensures your firearm remains in top condition. By following these steps and maintaining your Glock regularly, you can enjoy reliable performance and longevity. Remember, safety is paramount, so always handle your firearm with care and follow proper safety protocols.

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