Wacky Wednesday Recap not to Miss ! 7/21

Updated: Aug 13

My friends what an extraordinary night of giving freedom away. It was a regular scheduled Wacky Session but with all the Freedom pieces of a full on forum event!! Thank you all for the early :) B-day wishes. Next week for the Wacky stream I will just go live at a random time, so make sure you are in the VIP Draw for the Spectre Frame - have your spots in Wacky listings and Money in the Bank picks before Wednesday.

Wacky Drawing Winners

@bobj136 - 940C Battleworn / Black - Shipped

@jbsack - PF45 Steel / Grey - Shipped

@Kevan Panda Kirksey - 940V2 Black / Black - Shipped

@Philthyphil - 940C Black / Blue Titanium - Shipped

@Mooner - 940C Black / Grey - Shipped

@Jza Supra - 940V2 Maroon / Black - Shipped

@Kevin.C - 940V2 Black / ODG - Shipped

@ChrisW333 - PF45 Jungle Camo / ODG - Shipped

@Gutray - 940C Black / Black - Need Addy Sir

VIP Winner

@tim300wsm - Strike80 Magwell - Shipped

Money in the Bank $250 Pot Winner

@JStewartiv - Has paid forward the entire amount to @AngrySarge to help startup cost with new Holster Company @HCMholsters Official. Thank you @JStewartiv for showing tremendous leadership and kindness to others in the community!!!

Special Draw

@GSW10 - SB Tactical Brace - Shipped

Holster Palooza Draw

@84sonsofliberty - CAT Tourniquet + Holster

@WE4PONXYZ - Choice of IWB or OWB

@tim300wsm - Custom Holster of Choice

Recap Video:


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