Polymer 80 build Q & A with MGB 8/25

Wow - what an awesome new stream setup!! Another great night of Patriotism in the books!! Big shout out to @RAMjetta for hooking us up with the new stream software. Thank you to @Cory Sapeda & @Godspeed Dan for joining in. @Juice556 thank you for handling the comment section brudda!!!


1. Comment Period for the ATF proposed rule on pistol braces ends 9/8. There is a pinned post by @Richard Kodadek in the general discussions category with all the information.

2. Two new categories have been added to the Forum.

(A) Politics / World Events

(B) Crypto Currency

3. Patriots Serving Patriots donations has ended. Thank you to all the Freedom Protectors that have donated amazing prizes for giveaways. I didn't think it was possible to up the ante on the last one, but of course the Patriots in this community stepped up to the plate with pure gems of Freedom. (full list below)

4. Moving forward all spots in Wacky listings will require payment through Cashapp, Venmo, or Crypto. No longer accepting Paypal for WW entries. If you don't already have cashapp you can use this link and/or code and we both receive $5 - MGB Cash App code is JLGJQXW or click this link https://cash.app/app/JLGJQXW

5. Follow my profile to never miss when I post a draw or Important Community Information. Click on the icon and select follow to be notified of new posts.

6. Next week's VIP Draw is for a Dremel Workstation. You can sign up in the VIP MGB Yacht Club Category. Good Luck Patriots!!

Wacky Drawing Winners

No Closed Listings

VIP Winner

@RAMjetta - Steel City Arsenal SHS - Shipped

Special Draw

@Brian C Nelson - SB Tactical Pistol Brace - Shipped

Money in the Bank $250 Pot Winner

@JohnnyW - Paid Out

Community Thank You Gift

@Nosce Veritas - SB Tactical Pistol Brace - Shipped

Thank you for all you do brother!!

@ledger45b - Strike80 Magwell - Welcome to the Community Sir

Recap Video:

Upcoming Forum Events:

Angry Sarge's & @HCMholsters Official - Holster Palooza - August

MGB Roast hosted by @RAMjetta 9/22 & 9/29

Rock Out with your Glock out - Glocktober 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Patriots Serving Patriots - November 10th

Community Christmas Special - 12/22

MGB New Years Bash - 12/29 2022 Community Gathering - Freedom Weekend

Patriots Serving Patriots:

1. We the People G19 Custom Build donated by @Patrick & @Michele (and it's total 🔥)

2. Custom Sig P320 Grip module donated by @Patrick & @Michele

3. Custom Strike80 Frame donated by @Marine Gun Builder

4. Body Armor Plate Carrier/Pad/Base Coat @Michael Ryan

5. (3) $15 dollar WW plays @Nosce Veritas

6. Sig P320 Grip Module donated by @Richard Kodadek

7. PF940C Grey Kit w/Trigger donated by @FatGuywithaGlock

8. PF9SS Kit in Black donated by @FatGuywithaGlock

9. Blacklist Industries SS Fluted & Threaded G19 Barrel donated by @FatGuywithaGlock

10. Tyrant Designs Black/Nickel T-Comp for Gen 4 donated by @FatGuywithaGlock

11. Sig 80% FCU donated by @Jza Supra

12. Recoil Reduction System donated by @Jza Supra

13. 80% AR-9 donated by @Jza Supra

14. Zaffiri Precision 9mm Barrel donated by @edlavance

15. Custom Holster of Choice donated by @HCMholsters Official

16. (3) IWB or OWB Holster winners choice donated by @HCMholsters Official

17. Custom AR Build donated by @Fightforfreedom75

18. (2) $25 Credits for Wacky or MGB Merch donated by @John Eymard

Money in the Bank is now LIVE in the Wacky Section!!

This week's pot is $250

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