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Dear Freedom Protector,

With the current political climate boiling over and online censorship out of control, I'd like to provide you with resources to ensure we all stay informed and connected. This is not isolated to political censorship. Today alone we have seen GoDaddy pull gun company and forum hosting services, the anti-gun lobby demand Mastercard & Visa begin to take action by denying firearm related transactions, and Biden reaffirm on Twitter that dismantling the NRA is a priority. Of course our strength as Patriots to defend these attacks relies on us to be a united front and not allow them to silence us by removing our ability to communicate. The MGB Network and 80% community is vast and strong. We are no strangers to Big Tech censoring us and have successfully defeated those efforts and grown stronger and wiser as a result.

Below is a complete list of all MGB Network sites and communities. Some platforms are 2A friendly and some are not. Join them all!!! The most important place to be registered is here on our home forum. Additionally, I have stopped uploading to Youtube for now and uploading all NEW MGB content to Rumble here. Finally, I Live-Stream every Wednesday on the alternate MGB Crew Channel subscribe here:

Myself and other dedicated Patriots from the network have been preparing for this for quite some time and are in the final stages of implementing those contingency plans. Please stay connected in the home forum and have the app downloaded. Again the Home Forum is here.

Video Content

MGB Main Youtube Channel

MGB Crew Channel - Weekly Live Streams Every Wednesday

MGB on Rumble - All new content Published here moving forward

MGB on GunStreamer

MGB on Full30

Build Communities

MGB 80% Build Forum - This is HOME - MUST & DL the app

2A Friendly Platforms Polymer80 Master Builders Group on MeWe

Sig Sauer MeWe Group

Facebook Groups - Join and help us further our reach to new Patriots

Polymer80 Group on FB

Sig Sauer Builders Group on FB

Polymer80 Master Builders Group on FB

Glock Builders Group on FB

Guns Group on FB

Reddit P80 Group

Reddit AR Builders Group

Reddit Sig Builders Group

Public Pages

MGB on Parler - Currently offline after being attacked

MGB on Instagram

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