How to get a great channel

Updated: May 24

Contribution from Cory Sapeda

Now the reason I’m really writing this is to show you guys a bit I stumbled onto awhile back. I wanted to see how it worked on my channel,so I tried it and it worked out great! So I began using it permanently and was always happy with the turn out. I wanted to show you guys the way I was using the bit. So after using the bit I was sanding with 120 grit,then 250,400,650 and so on until I got to 1200. I knew it wouldnt work for everyone because it took so long even though the results were great. So I got 4 frames I drilled them snipped the tabs and this is the process I used. The bit will get all the extra material out of the channel and I kept working it until I was happy with the shape. Keep in mind some more material will come off later but not a lot. If you wanted to stop after only using the bit I’m sure you would be okay and it looks good , moving on. I go and get some 120 grit sandpaper I already had around I was trying to use a grit that was common. I sanded until I got all the high and low spots out and until it looked even. It didn’t take a lot of sanding, that will depend on your channel. After using the bit again if you wanted to stop here that would be okay. The pictures I left with the post were used with all the steps. So, after I got 1200 grit sandpaper and sanded like earlier. It didn’t take a lot. You will start to see how it’s looking better and smoother. The more you sand the better it’s just gonna look and help with function and eliminate problems like slide hang up, guide rod getting caught up, binding, or slide not going fully into battery. That’s it! The only other thing I did was use a plastic restoration product. I used to like Meguairs back to black, but I think Cerakote wipes are a lot better. They last longer and are all around better. Juice556 showed me a video of how they performed against other leading products and it outshined them all. Now the only other thing I did was wash with dish soap after sanding with the 120 grit,and again after the 1200 grit. I hope this wasn’t confusing and I tried making it as simple as I could. It usually takes me a lot longer, another thing I wanted to say is I’ve used mgb’s techniques and they definitely work too FTQ for sure! It’s just that I came across this bit and was happy with the results it gave me. If you start at a low speed it’s easy to get the hang of. Also,to me it saved time! So the only thing left to say is if you stumbled across my post and took the time to give it a read thank you! If this helps anyone,that makes me happy!!!

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