Glock Build Adjustments, Tweeks & Fix Compilation Part 1.

Updated: Jul 6

Contribution from Bapegg

Connectors and how to adjust them.

Since this come up frequetly. I figure that I would post a few photos as examples for everyone.

This is what you want the connector to look like.

Connector too close in. It needs to be adjusted out. This will cause a dead "Squirt gun" trigger

If the connector is too far out (exaggerated). It needs to be adjusted in. This will cause trigger reset problems and make the trigger very hard to pull.

Now with the example of what you want the connector too look like, there is always the chance that it will have to be fine tuned depending on the frame and rear rails.

Here is an excellent video from Ghost Ink TV on adjusting the connector. Yes I have posted this many times, but it is a good video to watch.

Fix a G19 slide lock spring that doesn't fit the frame.

I thought that I would give people another fix for fitting the G19 slide lock spring into the 940C frames. There is no need to cut any material off. What is causing the issue is that some parts kits come with the Gen 4 spring instead of the correct Gen 3 spring. There is a difference.

A quick and easy fix is to put the Gen 4 spring (with bend at bottom) into a vice and "smash" it flat. Just make sure to be careful not to get into the top bend. I have done this now on several occasions without any issues. Once you flatten the bottom of a Gen 4 spring it will fit all the way in and stay put in the 940C frame.

There are two different part numbers for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 slide lock spring. Part number 2317 is the Gen 3 and part number 8073 is the Gen 4.

Note for those building the Freedom Wolf frame. You must use the Gen 4 slide lock spring (8073) if you want to use the flat spring. A Gen 3 (2317) will not fit or lock into the FW frame.

And here is a screen shot of the latest (2020) Glock parts order form. You can see that there are two different flat G19 slide lock springs.

Gen 5 trigger housings and trigger bar tips and cautions

Using a Gen 5 trigger housing and Gen 5 trigger bar in the P80, Strike 80 and Freedom Wolf frames.

Yes you can use the Gen 5 trigger group but it will require some modifications.

First you will have to modify the trigger housing. To use a Gen 5 trigger housing you must mod it just like a Gen 4 trigger housing. Cutting the two small tabs at the bottom allows it to drop right in.

Link to Mod >

Note, you do not have to mod the Gen 4 or Gen 5 housing when using the Freedom Wolf frame.

The next modification is not 100% necessary but is highly recommended to prevent any possible function issues. I highly suggest swapping out the Gen 5 trigger shoe with a Gen 3/4 trigger shoe. The reason for this is that the G5 shoe is thinner and has cutouts on both sides for the Gen 5 ambidextrous slide stop lever (which won't work in Gen 3/4 frames). The problem that the G5 shoe causes is that since it is thinner, it can both rock and slide sideways on the trigger pin when used with the correct Gen 3/4 slide stop lever. Again, to avoid any potential problems, use a Gen 3/4 shoe on the Gen 5 trigger bar.

Here are the two shoes. Gen 3 on the left Gen 5 is on the right. Notice the big difference.

Gen 3/4 slide stop and Gen 5 slide stop

The next issue is that you will need to use the Gen 3/4 trigger pin in order to keep the slide stop lever from sliding sideways inside the frame. The G5 pin has shallower grooves compared to the G3/4 trigger pin. Using the G5 trigger pin can also result in problems just as the G5 shoe will. Gen 5 pin is on the bottom.

Now on to the differences between the Gen 3/4 housings and Gen 5 housing along with the difference in the trigger bars themselves. You can not use a Gen 3/4 trigger bar with a Gen 5 housing nor can you use a Gen 5 bar with a Gen 3/4 housing. They are not compatible with each other.

The Gen 3/4 housings use a separate coil spring for the trigger return. The Gen 5 has an internal trigger return setup. Gen 5 is on top.

Here is the difference between the Gen 3 trigger bar and the Gen 5 trigger bar. Notice that the G3 bar has a drop down leg for the coil spring to attach while the G5 bar is flat so that it locks into the internal return.

The shark fin on the Gen 5 is longer to hold the safety plunger in since the Gen 5 plunger is a not flat like the Gen 3.

In the above photo, the Gen 5 trigger is from my G44. The shark fin on the 22lr G44 is longer. On the standard Gen 5 trigger bars, there is a slight difference in the shape of the shark fin when compared to a Gen 3 bar. This will not effect functioning or safety in any way no matter if you are using a Gen 3, 4 or 5 slide.

I have converted several of my builds over to Gen 5 trigger bars and trigger housings. When using the Gen 5 dot or minus connector, the trigger pull is improved over using G3/4 parts. I also prefer using Serpico Gen 3 trigger shoes which again helps.

The Gen 3, 4, and 5 ejectors are interchangeable.

It is an easy fix to use the Gen 5 stuff in a P80 frame. The hardest is getting the trigger shoe off but even that is not difficult.

Like I said, it is an easy fix to use the Gen 5 stuff in a P80 frame. The hardest is getting the trigger shoe off but even that is not difficult.

We'll cover that with Compolation Part 2 with bapegg in as the smith...

Plenty of us have been using the modified Gen 4 trigger housings in our build for a while now without any issues. And the only difference between the Gen 4 and Gen 5 trigger housing is the return spring setup and how the trigger bar connects to it.

Just remember to use the correct Gen 3/4 trigger pin and to swap out the Gen 5 shoe for a Gen 3/4 shoe for the best reliability.

I know some will use the Gen 5 stuff without changing out the trigger shoe. I personally do not feel comfortable doing that since the G5 trigger shoe is narrower and introduces unnecessary slop when used with the Gen 3/4 slide stop lever. I always swap out the G5 shoe for a G3 shoe. I prefer flat faced triggers so will use either the P80 brand flat face shoe or Serpico G3 shoes. I don't think I have a single build that is using a Gen 3 trigger housing. They all have either a Gen 4 or Gen 5 housing in them. I haven't had any issues.

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