Gen 4 Trigger Housing Mod

Updated: Aug 1

Contribution from bapegg

Most people will upgrade the 336 ejector to a 30274 ejector. Unfortunately one must purchase a Gen 4 trigger housing to get the ejector, which has left many of us with extra trigger housings sitting around. Somewhere along the line, someone figured out that you can modify the G4 TH to fit by cutting off the two tabs.

An added benefit that myself and others have found is that using a G4TH instead of an aftermarket G3 TH will also help correct a bad sear engagement.

This is a really simple mod to do. It will actually take longer to gather up tools then it will to cut two tabs off. I personally prefer to use fret cutters though a sharp utility knife works just as well.

Here are two photos show an unmodified G4 TH with a G3 TH.

It has been mentioned by @GSW10 that since the G4 TH is narrower on the bottom portion , there is always a chance that it will rock on the trigger pin. So this is definitely something to watch for. I personally have not had any issues with all of mine.

Here is two views of where to make your cuts.

Here is just one tab cut for comparison.

Here is a modified G4 TH on top of a G3 TH

Note the circled area. Try to test fit the TH to make sure the pin holes line up with the rear rail and frame. Sand the bottom a little at a time if necessary to get everything lined up. You do want the bottom of the modified G4 TH to sit on the bottom of the rear rail.

Here is another view of a modified G4 TH next to a G3 TH along with the mini fret cutters I used.

This is a simple and easy mod to do. And you are not stuck with a bunch of Gen 4 trigger housings sitting around collecting dust.

Both trigger housings use the same trigger return spring. A Gen 3 trigger bar also works just fine with a Gen 4 trigger housing.

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