Patriots – Over the last few months, we’ve been discussing the outrageous attempt by the ATF and Biden Administration’s efforts to further infringe on our rights. I encourage you to participate every Wednesday in the discussion on the MGB Crew Channel Weekly Live Stream. This is a last call to action as we enter the final weekend of the comment period. We MUST have all hands-on deck and expand our reach. If you haven’t already, please follow the link below to the federal registry and make your voice heard. It is also vital that everyone take the time to expand into the broader firearms community and ask those patriots to stand up as well. Check out other actions you can take below.

The truth is – anti-gun lobby groups have been well organized and heavily funded during this time and have flooded the comments in show of support of these proposed actions. Understand that exercising your fundamental right to build your own firearm in the privacy of your home is the LAST pure freedom under the 2nd amendment. All other rights in regard to how you buy, possess, carry, or what you can own all come with some level of government oversight and regulations. Building your own firearm is truly the last unmolested freedom under the 2nd amendment. Should the ATF and the Biden administration be successful in their attempt to strip this Freedom – then the result will be no part of firearm ownership which is free from gov’t intrusion and overreach.

How to Comment:

Avoid swearing, attacks, or emotional tangents against the agency or gov’t. Doing these things allows them to remove the comment from counting as opposition to the proposed rule. Approach it as you are writing a business letter. Remember all the facts are on our side. If you need help or want others to look over your comment before submitting, then (A) Go to the MGB Forum where we have many months’ worth of Patriots comments and advice or (B) Post it below and we will help you craft language. The GOA also has a great template that breaks down all the things wrong with the proposed rule. You will certainly gain some inspiration for writing your own comment. The PDF is here:

Submit your opposition comment here:

Other Actions Needed:

1. Inform your Local gun shops, ranges, club’s and associations and ask them to participate in the fight by emailing notification of a call to action to their customers/members.

2. Share this information to your pages or groups. This group is private, so feel free to copy and paste whatever you need.

3. Call your Senators office and oppose the confirmation acting director Chipman. E-mails are easily disregarded so take the time to call. The US Senate switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121 and here is every Senators extension:

4. Stay connected by joining the MGB Forum. Social media restricts, censors, and shadow bans at will. It is best to be connected to the network on our off social media platform:

5. Familiarize yourself with and follow the House Judiciary. Eight GOP members this week sent a letter to the acting ATF director demanding answers on the scope of this proposed ruled. You can read the letter here:

Stay Connected:

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